You Cant Break Up The Unholy Trinity

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#do you know what’s terrible about this? #you can physically see the evolution of quinn’s feelings for rachel evolving just by looking at her face #the beginning isn’t happy at all - but there’s something more there and that something more in the way she looks at her in just a fractio… #n of a second that exposes the real quinn #quinn then goes to bewildered. ”does she really like me? …do i really like her?” #and then there’s the big one. something somewhere along the line made quinn think a big resounding ”yes!” #she looks at rachel with something like awe. she’s finally figuring out her feelings for her and she thinks that maybe she actually has a chance #at being happy for once #you can see how flirty and teasing she gets as her confidence grows #but then…then it all comes crashing down #quinn finally realizes - and accepts - that this whole ”rachel loving her back thing” was never more than a pipedream #it was good while it lasted but it’s time for her to return to reality #so she’ll look at rachel with that sad smile that says ”i love you. i know you don’t love me back but that’s okay. i’ll never leave your… #side.” #wow

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